Personal brand - Monogram, Avatar and Wordmark.

I created my brand in a way all the different elements (Monogram, Avatar, Workmark) looks like a consistent system. I incorporated all the elements and designed a business card which looks like a playing card.

Research and Development

Stage 1 - Monogram Sketches

My initials are P and M, Below are some of the sketches I made after seeking inspiration. I seem to really like a simple and abstract style of monogram, similar to that of The Mill Logo, The MIT Media Lab logo and Fore design’s logo.

Stage 2 - Design

Monogram and Wordmark

This is my final Monogram and Wordmark. I'm extremely pleased with the result, it has the minimal feel I was going for.


I made some initial sketches of my personal avatar and then made it digital. I implemented a pen / pen tool in my avatar as the tie as I feel as a designer it is very fitting.


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