I'm Pujith, I am a multifaceted UX professional from Chennai, India who has worked in the tech industry since 2017. I have a keen interest in usability, accessibility and human-centered design.

I have recently worked with clients such as Aviareto, Belfast City Council, PA Consulting and Learning Pool to bring effective improvements to their products and systems by using an empathetic and humanistic design approach.

I use my portfolio as a space where I can showcase my explorations and side projects. Most, if not all of my work in my professional experience is NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). If you are a potential employer, I am more than happy to have a 1-1 chat to discuss my professional work that I can't put up on this public domain.

ATTENTION - If you would like to get a taste of how I really approach UX design you can take a look my notion page for Saaf. Saaf is very close to my heart and is my attempt as a citizen of India to solve its growing litter crisis.

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If you have a project/question in mind or you are a potential employer please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to get in touch and have a conversation. email me at