Santander - Mobile Banking UX Redesign.

I have been using the Santander UK mobile banking app for a while now and I feel like the interface can be better. I decided to take up a personal project where I redesign the application to make it more modern looking and add some additional features. The app currently is extremely easy to navigate and use and I intend to enhance usability even further.

Before starting I looked at a few modern banking apps and the features that they offered, I also looked at reviews from people on Google Play about the Santander app to see what sort of problems people were facing and what additions people would like to see in the application.

I decided to keep the roots of the application the same i.e colour, banking systems, layout etc so it seems realistic and works with what the bank already has, If I try to change the system completely that’s not something realistic, that would then just be a far fetched concept.

Research and Development

Stage 1 - User Flows

After writing down my ideas and making my intial sketches, I was able to make wireframes to see how the application will flow and how the user will navigate around the applications interface.

Stage 2 - UI / UX Design

Log In / Sign Up

The first screen that users will see when they launch the application. Here users can login to an existing ID or choose to use another ID.


Here users have a choice of loging in via fingerprint or manually keying in their password.

Account Home

This is the main screen of the application, Here users see their cards / accounts, balance, recent activity and navigate around the interface using the doc. A card style interface enhances usability and allows quick access to a variety of information.

Stage 3 - Prototyping and Animations

I created a prototype in Adobe Experience Design and made some animations in Protopie to show what the application will look like when in use.


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