Leading image recognition technology to identify creepy crawlies around you.

The idea is simple, take a picture of a pest or bug around you and Eek's intelligent image recognition technology will help you become aware of your surroundings in seconds. Get daily fun facts about insects and achievements for taking pictures and learning about rare insects.

Research and Development

Stage 1 - User Flows

After the ideation phase, I was able to make wireframes to see how the application will flow and how the user will navigate around the applications interface.

Stage 2 - UI / UX Design

Log In / Sign Up

The first screen that users will see when they launch the application. Here users can sign up with a new account or log in with an existing account.


The main screen of the application which displays common insects found near the users location and fun facts about insects.


This is the camera screen, Here users get the option to take a picture of an insect or choose from an existing picture from their gallery.


The result page shows details like species, scientific name and some basic information about the insect. Users can learn more about the insect from here, search for another insect or go back to the home screen.

Stage 3 - Prototyping and Animations

I created a prototype in Adobe Experience Design and made some animations in Protopie to show what the application will look like when in use.


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